December 28, 2017
by Jonathan

Mike Gundy Day

We are in the middle of what could be the closest Sabowl in history and the Locker Room has remained empty for the past 4 days.  We still have not heard from many of the top contenders in this Sabowl.  It is a good thing that Mike Gundy Day is here wake everyone up.

A few facts about this famous Mike Gundy Speach.

  • This took place on September 22, 2007.  Now more than 1o years ago.
  • Mike Gundy accurately that he was 40 in this video and he is now 50.
  • Mike Gundy was only referenced 3 times last year on Mike Gundy Day.  This is down from 10 references in the previous Sabowl.

Things to Watch for in the Sabowl.

  • Sabowl XI Champion Joe was 13-9 at this point in the competition.  At the time he was tied with Defending Champion Josh.
  • Sabowl X Champion Josh was 11-11 at this point.  At the time he was in 7th place behind Christina (13-9), Jimmy (15-7), Michael (12-10), Stephen (12-10), Danny (13-9), and April (13-9)
  • Sabowl IX Champion Christina was 11-11 at this point.  At the time she was in 4th place behind Jimmy (15-7), Ellen (12-10), and Emily (13-9)
  • Sabowl VIII Champion Rebecca was 14-8 at this point.  At the time she was in 1st place.
  • Sabowl VII Champion Josh was 16-6 at this point.  At the time he was in 1st place.
  • Everyone is still currently in contention to win this Sabowl.
  • Could every competitor finish above .500?
  • So many questions to be answered.   See you in the Locker Room.

December 24, 2017
by Michael

Christmas Eve 2017

We are here at our annual Christmas Eve post.  It is a good time to look back at what Sabowl XII has brought us.
Regardless of you are, getting Sabowled is coming.  Right when you feel things are going your way.  You see a win coming your way.  You are so close….http://

Defeat.  Heartbreak.  Crushing loss.       SABOWLED!

Here are some quick notes for Sabowl XII:
1. There have been no spread heartbreaks. Makes me wonder if the Sabowl is saving some serious Sabowled moments later.

2. April….seriously? Will this be another route?  A repeat performance?  If April wins, can we call her the Nick Saban of the Sabowl?

3. Will newcomer, Julian, continue his pace?  Hopefully not.  However, we are talking about the kid who took down a trophy deer at the age of 6 and just laughed at grown men at the deer processor.

4. Seems like we have the normal contenders fighting it out for the Toilet Bowl, aka “Ticket to Dirty Dancing Marathon”.  Although, we have had some tightening of the standings towards the middle and bottom.

5. We have had a guest comments from Fake News and has made some allegations against Josh and Jonathan. I Team is upset and we are in the middle of a little situation. There are rumors of a independent counsel being appointed.

6. Locker Room has been adequate but can improve.  Remember, make Mike Gundy proud. Poor performances will make him want to puke.

Have a great day.
One game tonight.  I will let you check out the spreadsheet.  It is going to get busy so hold on.



December 16, 2017
by josh


Welcome to SABOWL XII everyone!

In a world where nobody gets along and each day’s news brings another reason to disagree, today we step into the one true reason to disagree…The SABOWL!The beauty and mystery of the SABOWL is that it simultaneously draws our family closer together & farther apart.

This season we will be unified in our hope for the glorious presence of the SABOWL to fill our home and most of us will be unified in crushing, devastating defeat. We’ve got a great season in store for us!

So many storylines to follow:
– Could No-Mo-Amacho-Joe possibly repeat his title?
– Will Josh be able to rebound from experiencing such an excruciating last minute defeat last year in the closest SABOWL race in SABOWL history?
– Could Izabella establish herself as a force to be reckoned with?
– Will Julian be this year’s coming of age story?
– Will Jonathan pick Georgia Tech to win even though they didn’t make a bowl game this year?
– How many times will Mike Gundy make an appearance this season?
– Where is the SABOWL? Historically bar-mitzvah’s correspond with SABOWL-napping and the I-TEAM is exploring some leads as this post is going live.
– How many times will Danny declare the SABOWL rigged, bemoan the spread, and quit before he is actually eliminated from contention (or wins)?

As you can see, with all these questions floating out there, we’ve got an exciting SABOWL season ahead of us!

Some notes as we enjoy today’s festivities:

  • The site will be brought up to SABOWL XII standards this evening with a public spreadsheet and other updates.
  • SABOWL for Kids info will be coming soon.
  • The Locker Room is now open…enjoy!

January 6, 2017
by josh

Tiebreaker Time

Well folks, its taken me a few days to process it but we have the first 3-way-tie for the SABOWL in SABOWL history!

The best I can discern from SABOWL history and an in depth search through my gmail is that the tiebreaker is this:

(1) Each competitor must predict the combined total number of points that will be scored in the National Championship by both teams. The person closest without going over wins.
(2) The tiebreaker for the tiebreaker is a prediction of how many points will be scored via field goal during the game.

Is this correct? If so,…

My recommendation would be for all competitors to send this information to Jonathan before 5 PM EST on Monday, January 9th.

January 2, 2017
by josh

Oh the Scenarios…

This is a great SABOWL ending, handfull of games and basically a 4-way tie for the lead!

Here’s my best analysis on the scenarios playing out today.
– Florida win would make a 4 way tie. 5 Sabo’s left. If Iowa wins, Joe wins.
– Wisconsin win would eliminate Rebecca. 4 Sabo’s left. Western Michigan wins and Rebecca is in it and needs Penn State, Oklahoma, and Clemson wins to take it to a tiebreaker with Josh and Joe.
– USC win takes it down to the Oklahoma/Auburn game to determine if Izabowla or Jim wins the SABOWL. Penn State win means its a tiebreaker between Josh and Joe for the SABOWL.
– A Penn State win and an Oklahoma win would make it a three way tie breaker between Josh, Joe, and Izabowla.

Is this close to right?

Am I the only one who hasn’t slept in 48 hours?

Also, on a bit of a sour note. SABOWL compliance officers are investigating the Michael and Christina branch of the Sabo family for a potential illegal SABOWL training program after Jack’s 9-0 Kids SABOWL start and Izabowla’s inaugural SABOWL effort. I-Team update expected in the locker room, inside sources are saying that a conspiracy is afoot that could call into question the 3 SABOWL’s previously won by the family in question.

December 31, 2016
by Michael

New Year’s Eve

Happy New Year’s Eve.
With the coming new year, comes the eventual Sabowl eliminations.  Going into today the following competitors have been Sabowled and will be suffering loser denial:

Everyone else is still in the running although there will likely be some more eliminations today.

We are preparing for a great finish for this year’s championship.  Will Josh finish this epic collapse while seeking to be the first back to back champion?  Will Amateur Joe make history after coming back from a short retirement?  Will first timer Izabowla follow in her champion parents shoes and continue a championship legacy?  Will Jimmy or Jim sneak in and take the victory from all of them?  Still with a shot includes Rebecca, April, and Ellen.  Couple of notes: Jonathan is not on that list and has been eliminated. Also, Ellen wanted it to be mentioned that Michael was eliminated before she was.

There are many games today.  Is it possible that we will have a champion today?  We will see.

For those who are still in the hunt and for those who are now working to improve their career overall Sabowl record, here is some inspirational words.


Keep up with the spreadsheet and the Locker Room for updates.

December 30, 2016
by Jonathan

And Then There Were Twelve

Two Sabowlers have been eliminated that we know of.  I don’t feel like looking at everyone’s picks that much.  Seven or eight still have a legitimate chance and the rest have a glimmer of hope.

Since I am currently in the Anger Stage of Grief I think I should leave all Sabowl Analysis to you guys in the Locker Room.


Here are Today’s Games.

georgia vs. TCU

Favorite: georgia by 1.5

This is short video of some of my favorite highlights from Georgia’s season.


Stanford Vs. North Carolina

Fav. Stanford by 3.5


Tennessee Vs. Nebraska

Fav. Tennessee by 3.5


Air Force Vs. South Alabama

Fav. Air Force by 13.5


Michigan Vs. Florida State

Fav. Michigan by 7.5




December 29, 2016
by Michael

Are you kidding me? Where are we in today’s society? Get your facts straight!

It will be difficult to follow up post from yesterday.  Truly a Sabowl gem.  I will not try to force anything as you enjoy another day full of games.

Sabowl Analysis
Locker Room
After some resurgence with participation, the quantity of comments has been diminishing. Quality has been there I would say.  Remember that participation will result in better production in Sabowl competition. We still have not received the extensive post from Rebecca.  The report is that she is in the editing phase and may be ready very soon.

We are starting to see some separation.  There are still many people in legitimate contention. There is a massive number of Sabowlers in the middle of the pack.  Sabowl and Toilet Bowl Championships are well within their grasps. Josh has been steady and keeps his lead.  He has been a picture of consistency. This is usually followed by Sabowl heartbreak.  It will be great. The competitor formerly known as “The Amateur” has come on and does not seem to be going anywhere.  Newcomer, Izabowla, is in the arena.  And then there is Ellen. Everyone else is working to gain some ground which is quite possible at this point.  They will need to make their move soon.  Rumor is that Danny/Julian and Stephen are traveling to the campuses of opposing teams to the crumbs of iced cookies near locker rooms and practice facilities. Not sure what that will accomplish. We will see how that strategy works. You have to appreciate the effort.
















Some of you may be doubting.  You may be at the point of giving up.  Hang in there.  Everyone goes through this.  You can overcome.  Take a look at some real life footage from the Rudy documentary.  Everyone knows that he went on to greatness in that one play against Georgia Tech.

Games today
We have some great games today with some teams that you may have heard of during the course of the season. Most had very little impact on the national scene. However, this is one of our favorite days for the Sabowl.   We call this “I am a man! I am 40! Day”.  Please see the video below.  What is significant about this day is that I can truly say that I am a man. That is because I am in fact 40.  Are you kidding me? Where are we at in society today? Makes me want to puke.

South Florida vs. South Carolina
Favorite: South Florida (10.5)

Virginia Tech vs. Arkansas
Favorite: VT (7.5)

Colorado vs. Oklahoma State
Favorite: Colorado (3.5)

December 28, 2016
by josh

The Halfway Point

Today we hit the halfway point in SABOWL XI! We’re 21 games in with 23 games to go and only 6 games separating first place from last place…this is anyone’s SABOWL! We have had a total of 80 Locker Room comments in the last 48 hours, the SABOWL is showing signs of life!

To spice things up a little more, I’m going to post some bold predictions of things that will take place during the rest of SABOWL XI…

Bold Predictions for the rest of SABOWL XI:
*Danny picked the favorite to win in 12 of the remaining games. In 8 of those games, the favored team will win but will not cover the spread, thus losing.
*The Amateur’s strong start will fade and he will finish in the middle of the pack as the SABOWL’s way of punishing a competitor for using a moniker.
*Ellen will get feisty in the Locker Room after repeated comments implying she can’t win a SABOWL. By feisty, I mean she will tell Michael to “Please, hush.”
*Georgia Tech will win their bowl game and cover the spread for an impressive and astounding second year in a row.
*Rebecca will post a novel length comment in the Locker Room and then go on a 5 game winning streak.
*Stephen will select the college he plans to attend and then change his mind after said college costs him an important SABOWL victory.
*Jonathan will continue to develop his conspiracy theory in unhealthy ways ultimately leading him to create a blog about the SABOWL faking its death and moving to a Caribbean island.
*The SABOWL will put a restraining order on Jimmy after he fills it with hot, delicious coffee on New Year’s Eve and proceeds to drink from it until its empty.
*The Kids SABOWL will come down to a nail biting conclusion during the National Championship game.
*Josh will become the first back-to-back SABOWL champion in SABOWL history, books will be written, a parade will be held, and secret meetings will take place to try to keep him out of SABOWL XII.

An Important Announcement…
KIDS SABOWL XI is live! Little Sabo’s with parental assistance fill out the selection form here before 11:30 AM on Friday.

Things to Watch and more Bold Predictions for Today’s Games…

Today’s picks:
Today’s games:
Pitt favored over Northwestern by 5.5
Pitt’s RB James Conner will run for over 250 yards in his last collegiate game. Derek Jeter will cause a delay in the game after insisting he take a few ground balls at short in preparation for his return to the Yankees in 2017 now that A-Rod is gone.

Miami favored over West Virginia by 3.5
Miami’s QB, Brad Kaaya, will pass for 300 yards and 4 touchdowns as Miami cruises to a victory. The story of this game will be the odd press conferences:
– Georgia Tech will announce at half-time that they are finally going to drop Russell Athletic and no longer be the only college team wearing Russell uniforms.
– After the game, in effort to brand himself Brad Kaaya will conclude each sentence about how awesome his performance was by yelling “Kaaya” and making karate chop motions.

Utah favored over Indiana by 8.5
Indiana’s QB, Richard Lagow, will throw 3 interceptions in the first half giving Utah a comfortable lead to ride throughout the second half. We have an advance preview of Lagow’s interaction with his coach after interception #3…

Texas A&M favored over Kansas State by 2.5
Kansas State’s defense has been a strong point for them this year. Watch for them to slow the Aggies enough to get the win here. There will be no Johnny Manziel sitings, however there will be multiple Aggie fan in camouflage overalls and no shirt sitings.


December 27, 2016
by josh

Step Into the Pain

It’s a new day, almost a new year and it feels like the SABOWL is on its way to being great again…especially as long as I stay in the lead. We’ve got a great slate of games ahead of us today and truly a lot of competitors still in the mix to take SABOWL XI home!

Some of you are feeling a little dejected, you’re hovering around .500 and doubting your chances. I get it. You’re staring at the screen looking like this guy.

I had an original thought today based on a movie I saw 10 years ago and not related to a google search I did four months ago for inspirational quotes while writing a SABOWL X champion acceptance speech.  In Million Dollar Baby, Eddie Dupris says that “boxing is an unnatural act. Instead of running from the pain like a sane person would do…you step into it.” SABOWL after SABOWL the majority of us do just that, we step into the pain. Every SABOWL, almost all of us hit the point of no return and then deal with the fallout of our hopes and dreams crashing down. And yet, every next SABOWL we throw our picks back in the ring to try again. Why would we step back into the pain? Because its worth it. Plain and simple the joy that flows from the SABOWL is worth whatever pain we experience from its illusiveness.

Today, almost all of you are still in it. Step into the pain, step into the locker room and let’s continue making the SABOWL great. When you got a SABOWL, you got a responsibility, when the SABOWL is struggling you don’t cry about your picks and give up. You get your self in there and you make that  SABOWL great again.

Games and picks below if you’d like to keep track of how far you falling behind the reigning champion (who is performing incredibly well up to this point in the SABOWL). There is a 90% chance the below picks are accurate so use the SABOWL spreadsheet as your authoritative source.

Zaxby’s Heart of Dallas Bowl
North Texas favored over Army by 9.5
Army – Josh, Jimmy, April, Christina, Emily, Michael, Stephen, Izabella, The Amateur
North Texas – Jonathan, Danny/Julian, Rebecca, Ellen, Jim

Military Bowl Presented by Northrop Grumman
Temple favored over Wake Forest by 13.5
Temple – Josh, Christina, Stephen, Jonathan, Danny/Julian, Rebecca, Izabella,
Wake Forest – Jimmy, April, Emily, Michael, Ellen,

National Funding Holiday Bowl
Washington State favored over Minnesota by 6.5
Washington State – everybody but Jonathan, Danny/Julian
Minnessota – Jonathan, Danny/Julian

Motel 6 Cactus Bowl
Boise State favored over Baylor by 8.5
Boise State – Josh, Michael, Danny/Julian, Rebecca, Ellen, The Amateur
Baylor – Jimmy, April, Christina, Emily, Stephen, Jonathan, Izabella, Jim