And Then There Were Twelve


Two Sabowlers have been eliminated that we know of.  I don’t feel like looking at everyone’s picks that much.  Seven or eight still have a legitimate chance and the rest have a glimmer of hope.

Since I am currently in the Anger Stage of Grief I think I should leave all Sabowl Analysis to you guys in the Locker Room.


Here are Today’s Games.

georgia vs. TCU

Favorite: georgia by 1.5

This is short video of some of my favorite highlights from Georgia’s season.


Stanford Vs. North Carolina

Fav. Stanford by 3.5


Tennessee Vs. Nebraska

Fav. Tennessee by 3.5


Air Force Vs. South Alabama

Fav. Air Force by 13.5


Michigan Vs. Florida State

Fav. Michigan by 7.5





  1. Interesting story here. uga could win this game and not cover the 1.5 point spread

  2. Killing me, I need a blowout win or 4 to calm my nerves!

  3. Thats what you get for picking georgia. Maybe if Easton would have gotten a hair cut before the game he could get you one more point.

  4. How is that not pass interference. THWG

  5. Kids SABOWL sheet is updated. Shout out to Jack on a 5-0 start!

    On the SABOWL side, things are getting interesting/depressing depending on who you are. Half the pack is officially out of the SABOWL. Josh and Joe are currently tied for the lead and only have 2 unique picks remaining.

    Also, I hate Stanford for not playing defense at all during the last minute of the game until North Carolina went for the 2 point conversion.

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