Are you kidding me? Where are we in today’s society? Get your facts straight!


It will be difficult to follow up post from yesterday.  Truly a Sabowl gem.  I will not try to force anything as you enjoy another day full of games.

Sabowl Analysis
Locker Room
After some resurgence with participation, the quantity of comments has been diminishing. Quality has been there I would say.  Remember that participation will result in better production in Sabowl competition. We still have not received the extensive post from Rebecca.  The report is that she is in the editing phase and may be ready very soon.

We are starting to see some separation.  There are still many people in legitimate contention. There is a massive number of Sabowlers in the middle of the pack.  Sabowl and Toilet Bowl Championships are well within their grasps. Josh has been steady and keeps his lead.  He has been a picture of consistency. This is usually followed by Sabowl heartbreak.  It will be great. The competitor formerly known as “The Amateur” has come on and does not seem to be going anywhere.  Newcomer, Izabowla, is in the arena.  And then there is Ellen. Everyone else is working to gain some ground which is quite possible at this point.  They will need to make their move soon.  Rumor is that Danny/Julian and Stephen are traveling to the campuses of opposing teams to the crumbs of iced cookies near locker rooms and practice facilities. Not sure what that will accomplish. We will see how that strategy works. You have to appreciate the effort.
















Some of you may be doubting.  You may be at the point of giving up.  Hang in there.  Everyone goes through this.  You can overcome.  Take a look at some real life footage from the Rudy documentary.  Everyone knows that he went on to greatness in that one play against Georgia Tech.

Games today
We have some great games today with some teams that you may have heard of during the course of the season. Most had very little impact on the national scene. However, this is one of our favorite days for the Sabowl.   We call this “I am a man! I am 40! Day”.  Please see the video below.  What is significant about this day is that I can truly say that I am a man. That is because I am in fact 40.  Are you kidding me? Where are we at in society today? Makes me want to puke.

South Florida vs. South Carolina
Favorite: South Florida (10.5)

Virginia Tech vs. Arkansas
Favorite: VT (7.5)

Colorado vs. Oklahoma State
Favorite: Colorado (3.5)


  1. Here is how Muschamp felt after that fumble on the 2 yard line.

  2. An iced cookie crumb and a Mike Gundy reference! My Sabo heart is happy.

  3. Here is Muschamp after someone accidentally called him Coach Spurrier:

  4. South Florida makes me want to puke.

    via GIPHY

  5. Muschamp’s reaction after that second fumble at their goal line.

  6. Mike Gundy is now 49. Almost time to make a new video.

  7. Time for South Florida to score a touchdown and then go for an onside kick. Wouldn’t put it past this coach.

    • Need another fumble at the goal line and then defense run it back. Their offense is not going to get it done. Playing just to win.

  8. What is the point of even playing ot. Nobody cares!

  9. I’m still tripping out about the sugar cookie photoshop work, that’s hilarious!

  10. ” Josh has been steady and keeps his lead. He has been a picture of consistency. This is usually followed by Sabowl heartbreak. It will be great.”

    I believe this is how the SABOWL works 99% of the time, after the way the SABOWL went down last year I refuse to let myself get too hopeful.

    That being said – I’m liking the way Arkansas is looking!

  11. I woke sleeping husband and baby while laughing out loud at this post and quotes. This is what Sabowl dreams are made of, iced cookies, anticipation of long Rebecca posts and celebrating being 40 years old.

  12. You guys really should take this gig on the road. You kids got talent. Still don’t like those cookies.

  13. This could be it for me here. If Colorado Loses I cant beat Michael and will be the first Sabowler eliminated. All I would be able to do is stand back and cheer on Rebecca and Lena in her first Kids Sabowl. She is dreaming about picks right now.

  14. I feel like I’m on a sad journey toward SABOWL’d here. Two big losses to end the day.

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