Christmas Eve 2017


We are here at our annual Christmas Eve post.  It is a good time to look back at what Sabowl XII has brought us.
Regardless of you are, getting Sabowled is coming.  Right when you feel things are going your way.  You see a win coming your way.  You are so close….http://

Defeat.  Heartbreak.  Crushing loss.       SABOWLED!

Here are some quick notes for Sabowl XII:
1. There have been no spread heartbreaks. Makes me wonder if the Sabowl is saving some serious Sabowled moments later.

2. April….seriously? Will this be another route?  A repeat performance?  If April wins, can we call her the Nick Saban of the Sabowl?

3. Will newcomer, Julian, continue his pace?  Hopefully not.  However, we are talking about the kid who took down a trophy deer at the age of 6 and just laughed at grown men at the deer processor.

4. Seems like we have the normal contenders fighting it out for the Toilet Bowl, aka “Ticket to Dirty Dancing Marathon”.  Although, we have had some tightening of the standings towards the middle and bottom.

5. We have had a guest comments from Fake News and has made some allegations against Josh and Jonathan. I Team is upset and we are in the middle of a little situation. There are rumors of a independent counsel being appointed.

6. Locker Room has been adequate but can improve.  Remember, make Mike Gundy proud. Poor performances will make him want to puke.

Have a great day.
One game tonight.  I will let you check out the spreadsheet.  It is going to get busy so hold on.



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