Happy New Year’s Day


Happy New Years Day

I hope that everyone has had a restful day away from Sabowl competition.  Saturday’s action was definitely eventful.  Some are backing in glory, while others are hiding under rocks.

Regardless of where you are, we wanted to present this very short video for you so that you understand what is at stake in this competition.

Have a restful evening and see you in the Locker Room soon.


  1. Click the link The Sabowl to view the video. You will not be sorry.

  2. LETS SABOWL!!!!!!

    By the end of today we will be 21-8 and close to a victory that will bring the Sabowl to a new home in the enchanted flat lands of Maryland.

    Can the Sabowl be used as a flower pot?

  3. Michael, looks like you will have a good day – just one loss.

    Can the Sabowl be used as a fish cooler?

  4. It sure is lonely in the Locker Room right now! I have to admit it is a little scary.

    Can the Sabowl watch the kids?

    • Answer: Yes, the Sabowl has often watched the children while the daddy’s were watching the game. Havent lost a kid yet!!

  5. Josh will start out well today, stumble, and then end with a win. Not good enough to pull ahead of us.

    Can the Sabowl clean house, paint, and mow the lawn?

  6. RJ1 will start with 2 wins and lose the remaining 4 today. Then he will only see 3 more wins this year. He will end his rookie year with a devastating 7 failures in the last 12 games ending with a 22-13 record. Not a bad record, but still a losing record.

    Can the Sabowl dance?

  7. Do we have an official policy in place for a tie?

    If not, I would propose that a tie be decided by whoever can jump in a car and reach Whitehaven, MD first. Sound good to everyone?

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