The origins of the SABOWL date back to a simpler time in our great nation’s history…the winter of 2006-2007. Looking for a little something to make their Saturday afternoons more entertaining, Michael and Christian struck Sabo family gold. The premise of the SABOWL is pretty simple:

Each bowl season we make picks as to who will cover the line for each bowl game…in the end only one person stands atop the mountain of beauty that is the SABOWL. There are only a few rules that go along with entry into the SABOWL: you should conduct yourself in a manner characterized by outstanding sportsmanship, integrity, overall good citizenship, and should you be fortunate enough to claim the SABOWL championship you must display the SABOWL in a prominent space in your living room.


In 2006, the SABOWL started off with a bang! The League Director dropped comedic gold on participants throughout the season and the SABOWL championship came down to the final game that Ohio State prepared for by studying hours and hours of Detroit Lions game footage for inspiration*…the end result was a Florida victory wisely predicted by Michael Sabo.

(1) Michael     17-15
(2) Josh           15-17
(3) Jonathan  13-19
(4) Christina   11-21


The 2007-2008 bowl season generated so much interest that number of participants in the SABOWL nearly doubled. While it was nice to experience growth, the SABOWL experienced its share of growing pains as April Sabo sucked all of the life out of the SABOWL by putting on a display of dominance the likes of which has never been matched in SABOWL history. Rumors circulated following SABOWL II that the genius of April’s selection process was that she chose whichever team was shortest to type into her almost late entry sheet.  Its likely  that these rumors were generated by unhappy SABOWL losers as we all know that SABOWL greatness of this magnitude must have had more behind it.

(1) April           21-8
(2) Christina  15-14
(2) Jimmy       15-14
(4) Jonathan  14-15
(4) Michael     14-15
(5) Ellen          12-17
(6) Josh            8-21


Fortunately for the Sabo family and the world at large, the SABOWL bounced back in 2008 for one of the most competitive SABOWL seasons in recent memory! For the second time in three years, the quest for the SABOWL came down to the final game in which it paid off to choose Florida. Jimmy did and the SABOWL maintained its residence for another 12 month stint in homestead of Jimmy & April.

(1) Jimmy         22-12
(2) Christina    21-13
(2) Ellen            21-13
(4) Emily           20-14
(5) Rebecca      19-15
(6) April            17-17
(7) Josh            16-18
(8) Jonathan  14-20
(9) Michael      11-23


The 2009-2010 bowl season brought fears of a budding dynasty as Jimmy and April sought to keep the SABOWL in their possession for an unheard of three consecutive years.  After April got off to a blistering start, there was no stopping her as she became the first two-time SABOWL champion in the history of the SABOWL.

(1) April             20-11
(2) Emily           17-14
(3) Ellen             14-17
(3) Michael       14-17
(3) Jimmy          14-17
(3) Rebecca       14-17
(7) Jim                13-18
(7) Jonathan    13-18
(9) Josh              12-19
(10) Christina   11-20


SABOWL V saw the largest group of competitors in SABOWL history up to that point. All SABOWL contestants were eager to pry  the SABOWL from Jimmy and April’s hands. Competition was fierce, entering into the home stretch virtually everyone had a chance to win until Michael went on a tear, winning 7 consecutive games and securing his second SABOWL victory. Michael’s win made him the second two-time SABOWL champion in SABOWL history, which when you think about it really isn’t very impressive at all. In the wise words of Ricky Bobby, “if you’re not first, you’re last.” An important development in SABOWL history was the development of www.sabowl.com during SABOWL V.

(1) Michael                     21-14
(2) Christina                  19-16
(3) Emily                         18-17
(3) Jonathan                 18-17
(5) Ellen                          17-18
(5) Danny/Stephen      17-18
(5) Jimmy                       17-18
(5) Josh                           17-18
(5) April                          17-18
(10) Rebecca                   16-19
(11) Jim                            14-21


SABOWL VI continued the trend of expansion as a world record 13 competitors entered the quest for the SABOWL. As the competition grew so too did the the ferocious nature of the competition. Comments in the newly coined “Locker Room” on SABOWL.com continued throughout the SABOWL at a healthy rate and intensified as we moved toward the climax. RJ1, also known as Rookie Joe I or simply just as Joe, emerged as a favorite to win the SABOWL in his first ever attempt. However, an incredible second half surge from Danny/Stephen who won 13 of their last 15 games led us to an intense championship game between LSU and Alabama. Joe chose LSU while Danny/Stephen chose Alabama. In the end, Danny/Stephen were not to be denied as they took the SABOWL from Georgia soil for the very first time.

(1) Danny/Stephen   25-10
(2) Joe                          24-11
(2) Michael                 24-11
(2) Joey                        24-11
(5) Jim                         20-15
(5) Jonathan              20-15
(7) Christina              18-17
(7) Jimmy                   18-17
(7) Josh                      18-17
(10) Ellen                   17-18
(10) Emily                  17-18
(12) April                    16-19
(13) Rebecca              14-21


Its been said many times that SABOWL VII saw one of the most impressive winning efforts in SABOWL history! Josh is the one who has said that many times and coincidentally he was the one who took home the SABOWL after six, long, pathetic SABOWL attempts. The SABOWL made its way to the Land of Lincoln after being stolen from its trophy stand at Stephen’s Bar Mitzvah, traveling to GA for temporary storage, and then being delivered to the St. Louis era in a milk crate. Also during SABOWL VII, a Locker Room record was set after a post by Michael drew 135 comments. Caleb the Kid overcame fierce competition to win the SABOWL for Kids.

(1) Josh                                  22-13
(2) Jim                                   20-15
(3) Joey                                 18-17
(4) Jonathan                        18-17
(5) Emily                               18-17
(6) Danny/Stephen           17-18
(7) Ellen                                 16-19
(8) April                                  16-19
(9) Rebecca                           16-19
(10) Jimmy                            15-20
(11) Michael                           14-21
(12) Christina                        10-25


Narrative coming…

(1) Rebecca                          22-13
(2) Emily                              21-14
(3) Michael                          20-15
(4) Joey                                19-16
(5) Joe                                   18-17
(6) Jonathan                        17-18
(6) Ellen                                17-18
(6) Jimmy                             17-18
(6) Jim                                   17-18
(10) April                              16-19
(10) Josh                               16-19
(12) Christina                       15-20
(12) Danny                            15-20
(14) Stephen                         14-21


Narrative coming…

(1) Christina                        25-16
(2) Jimmy                            23-18
(3) Jim                                  22-19
(4) Josh                                21-20
(4) Michael                          21-20
(4) Emily                              21-20
(7) Rebecca                          20-21
(7) Ellen                                20-21
(9) Jonathan                        19-22
(9) Stephen                           19-22
(11) Joe                                  18-23
(11) Danny/Julian               18-23
(13) April                               17-24


Narrative coming…

(1) Josh                                 27-17
(2) Jimmy                            26-18
(2) April                                26-18
(4) Christina                        25-19
(5) Emily                              23-21
(5) Michael                          23-21
(5) Stephen                          23-21
(8) Jonathan                       20-24
(8) Rebecca                          19-25
(8) Danny/Julian                19-25
(11) Ellen                              17-27


Narrative coming…