New Year’s Eve


Happy New Year’s Eve.
With the coming new year, comes the eventual Sabowl eliminations.  Going into today the following competitors have been Sabowled and will be suffering loser denial:

Everyone else is still in the running although there will likely be some more eliminations today.

We are preparing for a great finish for this year’s championship.  Will Josh finish this epic collapse while seeking to be the first back to back champion?  Will Amateur Joe make history after coming back from a short retirement?  Will first timer Izabowla follow in her champion parents shoes and continue a championship legacy?  Will Jimmy or Jim sneak in and take the victory from all of them?  Still with a shot includes Rebecca, April, and Ellen.  Couple of notes: Jonathan is not on that list and has been eliminated. Also, Ellen wanted it to be mentioned that Michael was eliminated before she was.

There are many games today.  Is it possible that we will have a champion today?  We will see.

For those who are still in the hunt and for those who are now working to improve their career overall Sabowl record, here is some inspirational words.


Keep up with the spreadsheet and the Locker Room for updates.


  1. Two games going on right now. There is a possibility of a three way tie for the lead and Jimmy one game behind them.

  2. These refs are brutal

  3. This SABOWL is nerve racking!

  4. I’m just trying to not win the Toilet Bowl because this is how I feel about that.

  5. I’m just trying to not have people hold up signs like this about my SABOWL XI performance…

  6. Developing story. Tech is leading North Carolina in basketball 55-49 with 7 minutes left.

  7. Is it time to start shaming the people who haven’t showed up in the Locker Room at all?

  8. Izabowla is a contender and we haven’t heard jack out of her…and she was gifted a sweet nickname.

  9. Stephen – the dude is probably glued to his cell phone but he can’t give the Locker Room any love? I know its not SnapChat but c’mon man.

  10. Jimmy – after last year’s ending – I’d take a year off too.

  11. Emily – I kind of understand, she has a human growing inside of her and she practically falls asleep on her way home from work and has not been much of a contender.

  12. Rebecca – she’s caring for an infant and Rebecca length comments take a lot of time. And she’s taking care of Lena too.

  13. Jim – have we ever seen Jim in the Locker Room? He’s still got a shot at this thing.

  14. April – she performed like a champion yesterday, I thought she might rub that in our faces.

    • I’m still trying to adjust. My Sabowl (why is this showing up as misspelled! Somebody get Webster on this! Season XI going on here, it is a word, everyone should know Sabowl by now!?!) season was looking like a toilet bowl year, I was good with that. Now Jonathan is giving me a run for my victory and complaining about his position! Got to love the Sabowl when I still have a mathematical chance to win when I was ready for a toilet bowl victory. I don’t have to be smug about performing “like a champion”, I am a champion- Sabowl II AND Sabowl IV.

  15. Shout out to Kid Sabo’s for 100% Georgia Tech picks! Makes my heart happy.

  16. How about the amateur? Tied for first place and has not even confirmed their true identity.

  17. Rookie Joe and the Amateur are the one and the same . Rookie Joe has still not gotten over the Sabowl Championship game lost to the spread hater but it is very nice to see him eliminated this year

  18. Hey everyone! This is Jack.
    I want you all to know that I will be holding some help sessions on how to make picks in the off season. Sort those like those classes that you can take at Home Depot.

    It looks like you can use some help.

    • Session 1: The Spread
      “How To Make It Work For You and Not Against You”

      • Jack, you should charge $9.99 a class bud.

        7-0! That’s amazing.

        Not to throw a little controversy your way but your picks are mighty close to your mom’s – any collusion here?

        • I am so proud of Jack and the succes he has found this year with his Sabowl picks. I assure you that he made choices on his own. I was too busy picking out his clothes, cutting the crust off his sandwiches and making sure his pillows are fluffed.

  19. I’ve never taught in the Atlanta Public School System. That’s where teachers learned how to do that kind of stuff. *just a joke I know there are good/ great teachers in the APS just a few bad ones that made national news.

  20. Ohio State / Clemson SABOWL ramifications…

    via GIPHY

  21. My SABOWL history with Ohio St is not good…not good at all.

    • I remember Sabowl I like it was yesterday. Ohio Stste vs Florida. The Ohio State runs opening kickoff back for a touchdown. Then Tebow and Urban Meyer took over. It was a thing of beauty. Still think about that game at times.

  22. This is a great SABOWL ending, handfull of games and basically a 4-way tie for the lead! Here’s my best analysis on the scenarios playing out today.

    – Florida win would make a 4 way tie. 5 Sabo’s left. If Iowa wins, Joe wins.
    – Wisconsin win would eliminate Rebecca. 4 Sabo’s left. Western Michigan wins and Rebecca is in it and needs Penn State, Oklahoma, and Clemson wins to take it to a tiebreaker with Josh and Joe.
    – USC win takes it down to the Oklahoma/Auburn game to determine if Izabolwa or Jim wins the SABOWL. Penn State win means its a tiebreaker between Josh and Joe for the SABOWL.

    Am I the only one who hasn’t slept in 48 hours?

  23. I have slept well Iam used to coming in second Iam just the first loser

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