Oh the Scenarios…


This is a great SABOWL ending, handfull of games and basically a 4-way tie for the lead!

Here’s my best analysis on the scenarios playing out today.
– Florida win would make a 4 way tie. 5 Sabo’s left. If Iowa wins, Joe wins.
– Wisconsin win would eliminate Rebecca. 4 Sabo’s left. Western Michigan wins and Rebecca is in it and needs Penn State, Oklahoma, and Clemson wins to take it to a tiebreaker with Josh and Joe.
– USC win takes it down to the Oklahoma/Auburn game to determine if Izabowla or Jim wins the SABOWL. Penn State win means its a tiebreaker between Josh and Joe for the SABOWL.
– A Penn State win and an Oklahoma win would make it a three way tie breaker between Josh, Joe, and Izabowla.

Is this close to right?

Am I the only one who hasn’t slept in 48 hours?

Also, on a bit of a sour note. SABOWL compliance officers are investigating the Michael and Christina branch of the Sabo family for a potential illegal SABOWL training program after Jack’s 9-0 Kids SABOWL start and Izabowla’s inaugural SABOWL effort. I-Team update expected in the locker room, inside sources are saying that a conspiracy is afoot that could call into question the 3 SABOWL’s previously won by the family in question.


  1. Josh, I am still a contender right? If not do I get a participation trophy? Investigating the M&C Branch is way over due. I would also check into the J&R Branch just for fun.

  2. “The end is near” – don’t tease me like that.

  3. Under the pressure of Danny’s proposed investigation I feel that I must admit that I intentionally lost Sabowl I – XI. It was a strategy to catch you guys off guard in Sabowl XII

  4. The J&R branch is proud of Rebecca’s possible 4 way tie for first. She has spent the whole Sabowl mentally preparing for the tiebreaker.

  5. I went to Disney during the Sabowl specifically because dreams do come true. That slogan as dad (pop) would say, “is crap!!”

  6. No pressure Jonathan. Just trying to keep the investigation team busy before they get to us. We have some house cleaning to address. Need to start deleting emails and get the russians out of my house. Then there are my connections to Snowden. Not proud, but his information gave Stephen the edge in his first Sabowl.

  7. How crazy is that Wisconsin spread, saved by a missed PAT.

    I discovered on wikipedia that Butch Hampton’s father is Nigel Gruff..

  8. Already wiped my server clean with a Clorox wipe. Nothing to see here.

  9. 4 way tie for first, 4 competitors remaining.

  10. Ellen has clinched the Toilet SABOWL.

    Sorry mom – its the spread.

  11. Jack and Jenson are battling it out for the Kids SABOWL.

  12. Michael, Christina, Izabowla, and Jack are oddly quiet today. Must be an intense investigation!

  13. The investigation seems to be going well.

  14. We seem to have hit a road block, but the investigation is ongoing.

  15. Is it not our fault that we raise winners. They are already tired of winning.

  16. Michael if I win The Sabowl I will pardon your family and stop the investigation

  17. Izabella when tels me when I get home tonight: “I got this Sabowl in the bag.”

  18. Sorry for my lack of response. It’s my last day of Christmas break and I’ve been binging on Hallmark movies and laundry. I welcome any investigation. We can also start with one on the current Sabowl champion and why the Sabowl is still sitting in our house never claimed.

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