December 26, 2016
by Michael

It is time to “Make Sabowl Great Again!”

Congratulations on making it to this point of Sabowl XI.  It have been a good journey and we are looking forward to a great finish to the Sabowl season.  We have a good field ready to march towards a championship.  Everyone is still in contention (except Emily).  Toilet Bowl is making preparations on making a trip to the “Land of Lincoln.”

With the good news of this season, we need to address some serious concerns.  We need to be honest here.  What has happened to the Sabowl?  I am not sure when this decline started but I would like to draw you attention to last year.  The “Locker Room” was sub par to say the least.  We have not received an excessively long written post from Rebecca.  The Sabowl has not been in display of the champion’s home prominently.  We are off to another dismal start this season.  We have yet to hear from last season’s champion.  We have had little involvement in the “Locker Room”.  This is good…”WRONG!!!” What was once great, is no longer.

It is time to “Make Sabowl Great Again.”  It is up to us…the contestants, the competitors.  We need you in the “Locker Room.”  We need you ragging on each other.  We need you to laugh at Danny when he does his yearly “I quit. I’m done” speech.  We need you to start preparing Ellen for her eventual collapse from the top of the standings.  Seriously, we all know that will not last.  Has Georgia Tech lost their game yet Jonathan?  Christina has not been called out for being smug yet.  We have a newbie, “Izabowla”, who has not even been challenged.  What kind of adult can we expect her to be if we do not train her properly in this way.  If she ends up a dud, I am holding you all responsible.  Let’s go everyone, you can do this!  Am I missing something?  Has someone deleted 30,000 comments from the “Locker Room?”  This magnifies what the incredible event was built on.   This is still so much that I want to say so if I have not addressed you directly, I will work on that in the “Locker Room.”

We promise to post more regularly and keep the standing updated on a game by game basis.  If not, someone will be FIRED!  By the way, good job to the I-team for mentioning Russian hackers. has now been flagged and will be monitored. The Sabowl will have a hard time passing through security checks if it were to ever travel.  I am not too concerned about that.  I feel that one day the Sabowl will be running security in our nation.

Check the spreadsheet and standings throughout the games today.  I am not going to post the picks or the games because you are capable of doing that yourself.  Have a great Sabowl day.

December 23, 2016
by Jonathan

Merry Christmas Eve Eve to Everyone

We are almost a week into Sabowl Competition and here is what we can see so far:

  • Ellen is off to her best start in the Sabowl (8-2) and a current 5 game win streak.
  •  Josh is continuing his strong performance from Sabowl X.
  • Seven Sabowlers are currently tied with 4-6 record.
  • Only 10 comments have been made in the locker room.
  • Danny has managed to pick every favorite that has won and Not covered the spread so far (There have been 3).

 Here is a brief preview of Today’s Games.

Today’s Games.

Popeyes Bahamas Bowl / ESPN 1:00 PM

Old Dominion (-3.5) Vs. Eastern Michigan


Old Dominion – Josh, Michael, Stephen, Jonathan, Rebecca, Ellen, Izabella

Eastern Michigan – Jimmy, April, Emily, Danny/Julian, Jim


Lockheed Martin Armed Forces Bowl / ESPN 4:30 PM

Navy (-1.5) Vs. Louisiana Tech


Navy – Jimmy, April, Christina, Emily, Jonathan, Ellen, Izabella, Jim

Louisiana Tech – Josh, Michael, Stephen, Danny/Julian, Rebecca


Dollar General Bowl/ ESPN 8:00 PM

Troy (-3.5) Vs. Ohio


Troy – Jimmy, April, Michael, Stephen, Danny/Julian, Ellen

Ohio – Josh, Christina, Emily, Jonathan, Rebecca, Izabella, Jim

September 2, 2016
by josh
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SABOWL X…A Reflection

It’s taken 8 months for it to finally set in, I won SABOWL X!

5 games behind the leader with 6 unique picks left…that’s usually the time SABOWL syndrome takes over and you give up virtually all hope. SABOWL X proved that anything is possible. I could not be more honored to be a 2 time SABOWL champion, it ranks as one of the highest achievements of my life, even above winning the Woodmen of the World Award for Proficiency in American History in the 8th Grade.

I can’t wait to attempt to overcome all odds and become the first back-to-back SABOWL champion in SABOWL XI.

A word of encouragement for my fellow competitors. In Million Dollar Baby, Eddie Dupris says that “boxing is an unnatural act. Instead of running from the pain like a sane person would do…you step into it.” SABOWL after SABOWL the majority of us do just that, we step into the pain. Every SABOWL, almost all of us hit the point of no return and then deal with the fallout of our hopes and dreams crashing down. And yet, every next SABOWL we throw our picks back in the ring to try again. Why would we step back into the pain? Because its worth it. Plain and simple the joy that flows from the SABOWL is worth whatever pain we experience from its illusiveness.

We are a few short months away from another run at glory, let’s make SABOWL XI the best SABOWL in recent memory!



January 1, 2016
by josh

Then There Were 4

SABOWLXfourWe are down to four competitors for the SABOWL and that number will likely decline today. Several are still in the running for the Toilet SABOWL so keep your eyes on that as well!

Jimmy (23-11) Tennessee, Florida, Notre Dame, Iowa, Ole Miss

April (21-13) Northwestern, Florida, Notre Dame, Stanford, Ole Miss

Josh (19-15) Tennessee, Michigan, Ohio State, Iowa, Ole Miss

Emily (18-16) Tennessee, Michigan, Ohio State, Iowa, Oklahoma State

December 31, 2015
by josh

Happy New Year’s SABOWL Eve!

More content coming later but lots of SABOWL left and a lot of people have at least a sliver of a shot! The Locker Room is open.


Jimmy has been in command of the SABOWL X lead, here are the number of unique picks the rest of the contenders have (updated during Oklahoma/Clemson game):

Jimmy      20-10     Leader
Emily        18-12     9 unique picks
April         17-13      5 unique picks
Christina  16-14     5 unique picks
Michael    15-15     6 unique picks
Josh          15-15     6 unique picks
Danny/J   13-17     4 unique picks (out)
Stephen    13-17     4 unique picks (out)
Rebecca    12-18     (out)
Ellen          11-19     (out)
Jonathan  10-20    (out)

December 26, 2015
by josh

Early Onset SABOWL Syndrome

SABOWLlockerroomGreetings SABOWLers! It’s been pretty quiet on the SABOWL front for the 10th anniversary of the SABOWL. I’m growing increasingly concerned that we are seeing our first ever collective case of early onset SABOWL Syndrome. Seems like virtually everyone has given up before the SABOWL has even gotten heated up.

The good news: we’ve got plenty of time to make that right.

Currently, it’s so quiet in the locker room that it makes Mike Gundy sick and we really don’t want to make him sick. He’s a man, probably about 50 years old now.*

SABOWL X is anybody’s SABOWL at this point (with the exception of maybe Ellen, sorry)! Today will be a big day to see if we start to see any separation of the leaders from the large group in the middle of the pack.

The biggest question though…will the Sabo’s actually wake up enough to make SABOWL X worth paying attention to?

See you in the locker room!

*Sorry about the shameless Mike Gundy reference, just trying to make sure we keep up with our Mike Gundy quota.

December 19, 2015
by Michael

The Sabowl Awakens

Welcome to Sabowl X.
It has been long anticipated.  It has been desiring our attention.  Now it is here.

You have made your picks.  You have done your research and preparation.  Now is the time for celebration and agony.  What an exciting time.

The Sabowl Season kicks off with an unprecedented six games.  Which means that Jonathan will likely be eliminated on day one.  That is unbelievable folks.

There will be some changes this Sabowl season.  One being that Jonathan will not have to go through the issue of picking Georgia Tech and by then basically giving a game to the rest of the field due to loyalty.   We hope to see the Yellow Jackets again next season.

You will not find a great deal of game analysis for the games today.  Why would it be necessary with all of the study that you have already put in?  Instead we would love to see game updates and thoughts from you in the locker room.  For instance, a good comment for the first game that has started could be: “It looks like Alcorn State spent more time getting their helmets nice and pretty instead of practicing how to tackle.”

Another comment could include “Jonathan, have you started working on your Sabowl XI picks yet?  You will probably have a better chance of winning something then.”

Hope that everyone has a great day 1.

January 2, 2015
by Jonathan

Happy Mike Gundy Day!


There are 7 Games remaining and 5 Sabowlers still in contention.  Four of those games will be played today and a champion could be determined before the day is over, but before we talk about today lets recap the action of yesterday.

We entered the day with 12 Sabowlers that still had a glimmer of hope of winning the SABOWL.  Those dreams were dashed for many during the course of the 5 games played.  Here is my favorite play of the day.

I thought that this guy put the nails in the coffin then sat on top of it but that was not enough to hold back Michigan State.  Two of the biggest games included the first ever College Football Playoff.  The first was a blowout victory for Oregon over Florida State.  It was later admitted in the locker room that half of the Florida State Criminals left at halftime to save a seat at the Crab Shak for the rest of the team.  Or is that just their Alibi?  Florida State Quarterback Jameis Winston did stick around for the entire game to speak the profound statement in a post game news conference “We just got beat.”  He also slipped this smug statement “lose is not in my vocabulary to be honest witch ya.”  Well let me be honest witch ya Jameis, if you faced the fierce competition of the SABOWL lose would be firmly planted in your vocabulary.  Later on in the other playoff Alabama was defeated in a great game by Ohio State.  A full recap of this game can be found in yesterdays Locker Room.   Which brings me to the real highlights of the day.  The Locker room reached 205 comments and counting.  That is a record day for the Sabowl Locker Room.  The discussion included comments from current SABWOL participants, The Sabowl Standings, The Sabowl Spreadsheet, The Sabowl Locker Room itself, Several I Team Investigations, Mike Gundy, The Florida State.  For all who interested here is a picture of Rudy with the SABOWL.









Here are some approximate Statistics from the Locker Room

Josh 53 Comments

Jimmy 49 Comments

Christina 29 Comments

Jonathan 25 Comments

Michael 16 Comments

Sabowl Standings 13 Comments

Sabowl Spreadsheeet 5 Comments

Rebecca 4 Comments

Sabowl Locker Room 3 Comments

Mike Gundy 3 Comments

Florida State 2 Comments

I-Team 4 Comments

Todays Action

Lockheed Martin Armed Forces Bowl 12:00 PM


Pittsburgh Favored by 3.5 over Houston

Sabowl Ramifications:   Jimmy and Jonathan could both be eliminated with a Houston win.  A Pittsburgh win will not eliminate anyone.


Interesting side note:  Lieutenant Dan will be doing a free post game concert if you are anywhere near Fort Worth, might be worth checking out.  ltdan






Taxslayer Bowl 3:30 PM

Tennessee Favord by 3.5 over Iowa

tsbSabowl Ramifications:  Jonathan is the only person who picked Iowa so a Tennessee win will eliminate him if he is not already gone.

Bowl Fact:  This will be the 69th edition of this bowl game.  all 68 of the previous games have been called the Gator Bowl.  For some season Taxslayer sees themselves as important enough to drop the gator.  lets see how that works out for them.


Valero Alamo Bowl 6:45 PM

Kansas State by 1.5 over UCLA

vabSabowl Ramifications:  Jonathan, Jim and Jimmy all have UCLA.  Josh and Christina have Kansas State




Ticketcity Cactus Bowl 10:15 PM  AKA Gundy Bowl

Washington favored by 5.5 over Oklahoma State

tcbtcb2Sabowl Ramifications:  Jonathan, Jim, and Josh all have Oklahoma State.  Jimmy and Christina have Oklahoma State.  Christina could possibly clinch the Sabowl with  a win here.  depending on what happened earlier in the day.

You all know we cannot let a Mike Gundy Coached team participate in Sabowl Competition and not play this video.

Since its Gundy Day I will share some interesting Gundy Facts:

Mike Gundy is still a man and is now 47.  He is an Alumna of Oklahoma State where he played Quarterback for 4 years.  He has been a coach for 25 years, 20 of those years at Oklahoma State, where he has been the head coach for the past 10 years.  Gundy currently holds a 5-3 record in Sabowl Competition.


Good luck to everyone, see you in the locker room.  be sure to check out the Sabowl Standings and Sabowl Spreadsheet.