SABOWL Dictionary

SABOWLlockerroom can be a mysterious place at times, the goal of the SABOWL dictionary is to alleviate some of the mystery! New entries will be continually added, comment in the locker room to request the addition of specific words or phrases.

Locker Room – the Locker Room is where SABOWLers converse about the SABOWL, one of the best parts of the SABOWL experience

Mike Gundyhe’s a man, he’s 40

#RebeccaLength – this hashtag refers to the length of Rebecca Sabo’s Locker Room comments (usually complete with chapter titles, section headers, and footnotes), they are legendary

Rookie Joe I – SABOWL VI saw the emergence of two SABOWL rookies with the name Joe (or some variation of it), it also saw the end of RGIII’s collegiate career. RJI’s absence from SABOWL VII and re-emergence in SABOWL VIII have caused the RJI moniker to stick.

SABOWL – the SABOWL can not be contained in a few word dictionary entry, in many ways it defies definition. It is an intense battle of the wits that demands mental toughness of all who would dare enter. Sabo’s over the age of 13 engage in this family tradition each year during bowl season. The winner gets the great honor of hosting the SABOWL in their home for a year.

SABOWL Motto – The beauty and mystery of the SABOWL is that it simultaneously draws our family closer together & farther apart.

SABOWL Syndrome – a syndrome that kicks in when a SABOWLer is eliminated from SABOWL contention, symptoms include but are not limited to; irritability, poor work performance, family avoidance, poor Locker Room participation, and insomnia

SABOWLED – (alt. SABOWL’D), refers to the experience of moving from euphoric success to devastating failure in a short period of time, sometimes used as SABOWLers sense they are falling out of contention for the SABOWL

SABOWL Smug Syndrome (SSS) The smugness a SABOWLer gets when taking an early lead. Often but not always followed by a case of being SABOWLED

Toilet SABOWL – the Toilet SABOWL is a nice little momento for whoever comes in dead last each year to display proudly in their home

Toilet SABOWL Motto – Blame it on the spread!

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