Day 1

Today is selection deadline day.  If you have not made your picks, do not forget.

For today, we just wanted to give you a glimpse in the day and life of the Sabowl.  The Sabowl can be described as something that works hard and like to get hands dirty when needed to.  The Sabowl at the same time knows how to relax and enjoy time with family.  As you will see in this post. 

On this day, there was work to be done.  Purple Passion was in need of a new used tire.  As I was working on the tire, I look over and guess who I see.  Yes, the Sabowl was right there with a helping hand (or maybe not a hand).  It was impressive to say the least. 

*Note: Purple Passion is a Toyota Camry that was given to me from a dear family friend.  It has over 300,000 miles on it.  It is famous in this area. 




Following the task of changing the tire, it was time for the Sabowl to enjoy some down time.  One of the favorite hobbies for the Sabowl is watching movies and certain television shows on NBC.  There are not any better movies to watch at this time then the modern Christmas classic-ELF.  The Sabowl spent the afternoon hanging out with the kids.  You can see the contentment on the face of the Sabowl.  “Did you hear that?”   

Hope that you are having a great start to SABOWL WEEK.  


  1. Looking forward to your comments on how your SABOWL WEEK is going.

  2. I wish the SABOWL would’ve come and helped as I made my picks. Could have used a helping SABOWL hand there. My picks already have #onefootinthegrave #gatech – haha

    Good luck everybody and to the SABOWL itself I wish I very merry SABOWL season.

  3. Maybe Peyton Manning should spend some time with the SABOWL to assist in the rehabilitation process!

  4. I thought about asking Peyton to take part in the Sabowl since he has not been able to do anything else lately.

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