SABOWL X…A Reflection

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It’s taken 8 months for it to finally set in, I won SABOWL X!

5 games behind the leader with 6 unique picks left…that’s usually the time SABOWL syndrome takes over and you give up virtually all hope. SABOWL X proved that anything is possible. I could not be more honored to be a 2 time SABOWL champion, it ranks as one of the highest achievements of my life, even above winning the Woodmen of the World Award for Proficiency in American History in the 8th Grade.

I can’t wait to attempt to overcome all odds and become the first back-to-back SABOWL champion in SABOWL XI.

A word of encouragement for my fellow competitors. In Million Dollar Baby, Eddie Dupris says that “boxing is an unnatural act. Instead of running from the pain like a sane person would do…you step into it.” SABOWL after SABOWL the majority of us do just that, we step into the pain. Every SABOWL, almost all of us hit the point of no return and then deal with the fallout of our hopes and dreams crashing down. And yet, every next SABOWL we throw our picks back in the ring to try again. Why would we step back into the pain? Because its worth it. Plain and simple the joy that flows from the SABOWL is worth whatever pain we experience from its illusiveness.

We are a few short months away from another run at glory, let’s make SABOWL XI the best SABOWL in recent memory!



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  1. Wow. Just wow. Beautiful

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