Welcome to SABOWL XII everyone!

In a world where nobody gets along and each day’s news brings another reason to disagree, today we step into the one true reason to disagree…The SABOWL!The beauty and mystery of the SABOWL is that it simultaneously draws our family closer together & farther apart.

This season we will be unified in our hope for the glorious presence of the SABOWL to fill our home and most of us will be unified in crushing, devastating defeat. We’ve got a great season in store for us!

So many storylines to follow:
– Could No-Mo-Amacho-Joe possibly repeat his title?
– Will Josh be able to rebound from experiencing such an excruciating last minute defeat last year in the closest SABOWL race in SABOWL history?
– Could Izabella establish herself as a force to be reckoned with?
– Will Julian be this year’s coming of age story?
– Will Jonathan pick Georgia Tech to win even though they didn’t make a bowl game this year?
– How many times will Mike Gundy make an appearance this season?
– Where is the SABOWL? Historically bar-mitzvah’s correspond with SABOWL-napping and the I-TEAM is exploring some leads as this post is going live.
– How many times will Danny declare the SABOWL rigged, bemoan the spread, and quit before he is actually eliminated from contention (or wins)?

As you can see, with all these questions floating out there, we’ve got an exciting SABOWL season ahead of us!

Some notes as we enjoy today’s festivities:

  • The site will be brought up to SABOWL XII standards this evening with a public spreadsheet and other updates.
  • SABOWL for Kids info will be coming soon.
  • The Locker Room is now open…enjoy!


  1. Heard Danny was already complaining about the spread in the first game. It was EVEN.

  2. Well…there goes all hopes for having an undefeated season.
    Already Sabowled.

  3. Complaining in general about the spread but as you can see even does help me either.

  4. I’m ashamed I picked against GA State, didn’t want to be a homer and it burned me.

  5. There should have been a write-in pick for the National Champion. Rumor is half of Georgia’s roster got arrested and Georgia Tech is going to replace them in the playoff.

  6. This has been the worst Sabowl ever.

  7. I have Ellen-ed the start of this Sabowl.

  8. I am feeling good about this year. You all should throw in the towel – I got this!

  9. Ok, my confidence just took a hit with Arkansas penalty behavior.

  10. You can now laugh at other people’s picks thanks to an updated spreadsheet.

  11. Check Julian out! Way to start a SABOWL bud.

    Danny are you properly preparing him for the heartbreak in his future?

  12. It’s early, but its starting to look like SABOWL II. This could be over before Christmas.

  13. Breaking:
    It has come to our attention that the quarterback for Akron is from Springfield Illinois. Since he has refused to throw the ball to any of his teammates and Josh picked against him, we will be looking to see if any communication between the 2 have been made. Check back for updates.

    • Update:
      After a thorough investigation it has been determined that Akron is indeed that bad. No further investigation into these accusations.

    • Haha, I had to dig and do the research. His name was completely unfamiliar to me. Good reason for largest spread of SABOWL here…

  14. I’m just waiting for someone to tell Akron’s defense this isn’t 2 hand touch.

  15. I am glad I forgot about the game today. At least the spread in the end was not a factor.

  16. This is ridiculous. Who cares about the Sabowl? This is so silly.

    • I was hoping to go winless because that would really be the only thing I could feasibly accomplish. Now I can’t even do that.

      • Lane Kiffin is ruthless. Up 50-3 and still trying to score with 30 seconds left in the game. There need to be more coaches that keep the spread in mind like this.

  17. Whazzup Sabowlers?

  18. SMU only has to score 44 points and keep LT from scoring in the last quarter.

  19. Could Michael be forming one of the most impressive comebacks in Sabowl modern era history?

    • And just like that…. Michael and I are almost tied. Good lucke to you, but we will battle! Maybe! I am hoping at least to put up a fight!

  20. Just reviewed the SABOWL history and feeling a little blue as I was reminded I have been second to last for the past three years. At least I am consistent. I would like to go an overconfident rant about how I am going to take it all this year and figuratively take the trophy from Joe but I am not feeling it tonight. Instead, I will put on my pajamas and slippers, get a gallon of ice cream and find a Patrick Swayze movie to watch. But I will be back………

  21. Good choice. “Revenge is a dish best served cold.”

  22. Julian seriously setting himself up for a crushing heartbreak and I get front row seat. WOOHOO!!

  23. So I have had some time to reflect and feeling a little better about things. Let me see how things are going.

  24. There has been some accusations made in Sabowl reporting.
    The claim is that the Sabowl standings and spreadsheet are slow to be updated after Josh loses. When he wins, immediate update.

    Of course, we never want the truth to get in a way of a good story so we are going to with it.

    After Josh’s performance today-we may have some updates by Christmas Eve.

  25. Ok Fake News, we have a problem here. The I Team will be the one bring accusations to the Locker Room. You can take your divisive strategies to some other family Bowl activity.

  26. That would be a good argument if Josh and Jon boy were not colluding in this competition.

  27. ‘Tis the season.

  28. You serious bout that Michael?

  29. This update is a little behind because I am offended by the language used by the Wyoming quarterback during his postgame interview. Although I replayed the interview several times and could not understand what he said. I know he used foul language because he apologized for it 3 times. This behavior is unacceptable for a SABOWL participant and I think Wyoming should forfeit this game.

  30. SABOWL for KIDS info will be coming out soon. It will span the final 9 games from 12/30 to 1/1 of the SABOWL, not counting championship game.

  31. 11 games in and I’m already counting unique picks like…

    via GIPHY

  32. South Florida vs Texas Tech – pretty killer SABOWL game.

  33. Somebody is getting Sabowled right now.

  34. Good for Army. San Diego did not deserve to win that game. Cannot make a tackle when it matters.

  35. Getting Sabowled…..

  36. April at the moment…

  37. Julian at the moment….
    “What’s the big deal about this Sabowl thing?”

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