The Halfway Point


Today we hit the halfway point in SABOWL XI! We’re 21 games in with 23 games to go and only 6 games separating first place from last place…this is anyone’s SABOWL! We have had a total of 80 Locker Room comments in the last 48 hours, the SABOWL is showing signs of life!

To spice things up a little more, I’m going to post some bold predictions of things that will take place during the rest of SABOWL XI…

Bold Predictions for the rest of SABOWL XI:
*Danny picked the favorite to win in 12 of the remaining games. In 8 of those games, the favored team will win but will not cover the spread, thus losing.
*The Amateur’s strong start will fade and he will finish in the middle of the pack as the SABOWL’s way of punishing a competitor for using a moniker.
*Ellen will get feisty in the Locker Room after repeated comments implying she can’t win a SABOWL. By feisty, I mean she will tell Michael to “Please, hush.”
*Georgia Tech will win their bowl game and cover the spread for an impressive and astounding second year in a row.
*Rebecca will post a novel length comment in the Locker Room and then go on a 5 game winning streak.
*Stephen will select the college he plans to attend and then change his mind after said college costs him an important SABOWL victory.
*Jonathan will continue to develop his conspiracy theory in unhealthy ways ultimately leading him to create a blog about the SABOWL faking its death and moving to a Caribbean island.
*The SABOWL will put a restraining order on Jimmy after he fills it with hot, delicious coffee on New Year’s Eve and proceeds to drink from it until its empty.
*The Kids SABOWL will come down to a nail biting conclusion during the National Championship game.
*Josh will become the first back-to-back SABOWL champion in SABOWL history, books will be written, a parade will be held, and secret meetings will take place to try to keep him out of SABOWL XII.

An Important Announcement…
KIDS SABOWL XI is live! Little Sabo’s with parental assistance fill out the selection form here before 11:30 AM on Friday.

Things to Watch and more Bold Predictions for Today’s Games…

Today’s picks:
Today’s games:
Pitt favored over Northwestern by 5.5
Pitt’s RB James Conner will run for over 250 yards in his last collegiate game. Derek Jeter will cause a delay in the game after insisting he take a few ground balls at short in preparation for his return to the Yankees in 2017 now that A-Rod is gone.

Miami favored over West Virginia by 3.5
Miami’s QB, Brad Kaaya, will pass for 300 yards and 4 touchdowns as Miami cruises to a victory. The story of this game will be the odd press conferences:
– Georgia Tech will announce at half-time that they are finally going to drop Russell Athletic and no longer be the only college team wearing Russell uniforms.
– After the game, in effort to brand himself Brad Kaaya will conclude each sentence about how awesome his performance was by yelling “Kaaya” and making karate chop motions.

Utah favored over Indiana by 8.5
Indiana’s QB, Richard Lagow, will throw 3 interceptions in the first half giving Utah a comfortable lead to ride throughout the second half. We have an advance preview of Lagow’s interaction with his coach after interception #3…

Texas A&M favored over Kansas State by 2.5
Kansas State’s defense has been a strong point for them this year. Watch for them to slow the Aggies enough to get the win here. There will be no Johnny Manziel sitings, however there will be multiple Aggie fan in camouflage overalls and no shirt sitings.



  1. No problems with Pitt’s kicking game, first field goal would have been good from 60

  2. It’s a lonely afternoon in the Locker Room.

  3. Pitt isn’t looking nearly as good as I expected them too.

  4. I’m sitting in here like:

  5. This was the best post ever. Great job!

  6. Proud of everyone. Tight competition. My goal is to go 3-1 again today. Came up one game short yesterday.

  7. Great Sabowl game here. Has some big implications. Hate it or not, the spread adds some excitement.

  8. Historic moment here. This is the first Mark Richt Coached team that I have ever picked to win.

    • Just want to point out how impressive my predictions were.

      Miami’s QB, Brad Kaaya, will pass for 300 yards and 4 touchdowns as Miami cruises to a victory.

      Kaaya threw for 282 yards and 4 TD’s. I know – awesome, right? Just disregard Conner’s 30 yards rushing in the Pitt game and virtually everything else I said.

  9. I love the added videos and articles. That warm your heart story is why I went with Pitt in the first place…I cannot tell a lie I went with them because Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Kathy and their kids live there. But had I done research beforehand I would have went with them.

  10. Ending the day with two games that the spread is making extra interesting!

  11. On road all day looking at colleges in Florida could not participate in looker room. We did get thrown out of the University of Miami locker room. Regarding Stephens college choice – he should just go to Alabama, problem solved. The discussions to keep Josh out of the Sabowl will not be secret and I think they have already begun. AND, I think I won my first game due to the point spread. I feel weak and ashamed just as I thought I would.

  12. In the midst of another game that’s interesting mainly because of the spread here. I’m going to land on the pro-spread side forever, it just makes things more fun.

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