Tiebreaker Time


Well folks, its taken me a few days to process it but we have the first 3-way-tie for the SABOWL in SABOWL history!

The best I can discern from SABOWL history and an in depth search through my gmail is that the tiebreaker is this:

(1) Each competitor must predict the combined total number of points that will be scored in the National Championship by both teams. The person closest without going over wins.
(2) The tiebreaker for the tiebreaker is a prediction of how many points will be scored via field goal during the game.

Is this correct? If so,…

My recommendation would be for all competitors to send this information to Jonathan before 5 PM EST on Monday, January 9th.


  1. 1 dollar Bob.

  2. I think we need to investigate everyone in this competition. Due to the illegal servers, hacked emails, the Russians, and whatever Jonathan is doing this cannot be a legitimate SABOWL contest. This years competition should end immediately with Josh being awarded another term with the SABOWL (residing safely at the home of Michael and Christina). Michael and Christina will remain under investigation.

  3. And I think Joe wins. The SABOWL needs another tour of Maryland where it hopefully will not be involved in another SABOWLnapping.

  4. I am proud that our Izabella is in the final three! Izabella has overcome many obstacles. She was the first Sabo girl after a long line of Sabo boys, she manages to remain optimistic in any given situation, and did I mention she’s a 13 year old girl?! That’s an obstacle in it’s self.

  5. Ok. I think Izabella wins and will bring the SABOWL to Maryland for a visit.

  6. I’m not saying Izabella is entitled to it. I’m saying the girl is mentally prepared for this. We’ve even watched the first 5 Rocky movies for additional mental toughness.

  7. If The Amateur wins he promises to keep the Sabowl away from
    Danny’s rift raft friends.

  8. All contestants have entered a score. They still have 1 hour and 55 minutes to change their minds and the picks will be released shortly after 8

  9. Official Tiebreaker Picks

    Josh: 45 total points and 4 field goals.
    Joe: 54 total points and 5 field goals.
    Izabella: 41 total points and 2 field goals.

  10. 2 minutes away….

  11. It is an honor to win the Sabowl

  12. Now the investigations will roll!!

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