Mike Gundy Day


We are in the middle of what could be the closest Sabowl in history and the Locker Room has remained empty for the past 4 days.  We still have not heard from many of the top contenders in this Sabowl.  It is a good thing that Mike Gundy Day is here wake everyone up.

A few facts about this famous Mike Gundy Speach.

  • This took place on September 22, 2007.  Now more than 1o years ago.
  • Mike Gundy accurately that he was 40 in this video and he is now 50.
  • Mike Gundy was only referenced 3 times last year on Mike Gundy Day.  This is down from 10 references in the previous Sabowl.

Things to Watch for in the Sabowl.

  • Sabowl XI Champion Joe was 13-9 at this point in the competition.  At the time he was tied with Defending Champion Josh.
  • Sabowl X Champion Josh was 11-11 at this point.  At the time he was in 7th place behind Christina (13-9), Jimmy (15-7), Michael (12-10), Stephen (12-10), Danny (13-9), and April (13-9)
  • Sabowl IX Champion Christina was 11-11 at this point.  At the time she was in 4th place behind Jimmy (15-7), Ellen (12-10), and Emily (13-9)
  • Sabowl VIII Champion Rebecca was 14-8 at this point.  At the time she was in 1st place.
  • Sabowl VII Champion Josh was 16-6 at this point.  At the time he was in 1st place.
  • Everyone is still currently in contention to win this Sabowl.
  • Could every competitor finish above .500?
  • So many questions to be answered.   See you in the Locker Room.


  1. Have say to all Sabowlers…well done. In some years just being .500 put you I contention.

  2. Can we recognize September 22 as Mike Gundy 40 Day.

  3. My performance this year as the last three years makes me want to puke!!

  4. Who will be bringing the Sabowl to me when this is over?

  5. Be prepared. Been taking it easy on you so far. Heartbreak is coming.

  6. That’s the best game so far.

  7. Good work here. This could be an intense SABOWL ending, concerned that it seems many of our fellow competitors don’t even care based on their participation.

  8. TCU makes me want to Puke. Who settles for a 2 point win.

    • That is how I lost almost every game last year. Tried a different strategy this year. Well, you can see for yourself how that worked out.

  9. Danny AKA Winner is now at the “Rooting for Family Members so that the Sabowl comes to your house” phase.

  10. If USC wins, there will be 9 people within 3 games of the lead.

  11. There are 5 potential first time Sabowl champions at the top.

  12. Stat of the Day: April and Julian have different picks on 9 of the final 10 matchups.

  13. After 2 games today:
    T1 April (23-10)
    T1 Julian
    T3 Jonathan (22-11)
    T3 Jim
    5 Izabella (21-12)

  14. Toilet Bowl update:
    Danny is leading by one game over me.

  15. Penn State favored by 3.5

  16. I believe the toilet bowl will be mine. All mine! Sorry Mike. Better luck next year.

  17. The final day is going to be interesting and very relaxing for me I might add. I call it no stress New Years Day.

  18. Standings updated 5 People left. Good Luck.

  19. I’m ashamed by my participation in this year’s SABOWL and that we didn’t get the SABOWL for Kids put together in time. Sorry Sabo’s, I hope to return to my normal average to slightly below average performance for next year.

    Good luck to the remaining competitors!

    I’d like to see Jonboy pull off a come from behind victory today!

  20. Actually looks like best case scenario for Jonathan today is a tiebreaker with Jim.

  21. You can all call me Roll Tide because I am going to be rolling over eyveryone today.

  22. This is an epic SABOWL ending everybody!

    We are down to three competitors left.
    April – the picture of consistency, humility, and dominance has a commanding three game lead
    Jonathan & Jim – three games behind with identical picks

    If Oklahoma beats Georgia, Alabama beats Clemson, and Alabama wins the National Championship – we’ll have a three way tie.

    Let’s see how this develops, could we have the first back to back tiebreaker championships in SABOWL history?

    An Oklahoma win would also setup a tiebreaker for the Toilet SABOWL between Michael and Danny!

  23. Congratulations 3 time Champion April

  24. Congrats to April who has now won 25% of the SABOWLs! Her top secret expert strategy will continue to be coveted by other Sabo’s…like Julian (blame it on the spread bud).

    Also congrats to Michael for wrapping up the Toilet SABOWL.

    That’s a wrap on SABOWL XII.

  25. Julian will from this day forward be known as Roll Tide in the locker room. Unless he provides us with better ammunition next year.

  26. I will be back next year and I will not be playing nice. Congrats April! But, winning the Sabowl with no chance of picking the correct champion? Roll Tide!!

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