It is time to “Make Sabowl Great Again!”


Congratulations on making it to this point of Sabowl XI.  It have been a good journey and we are looking forward to a great finish to the Sabowl season.  We have a good field ready to march towards a championship.  Everyone is still in contention (except Emily).  Toilet Bowl is making preparations on making a trip to the “Land of Lincoln.”

With the good news of this season, we need to address some serious concerns.  We need to be honest here.  What has happened to the Sabowl?  I am not sure when this decline started but I would like to draw you attention to last year.  The “Locker Room” was sub par to say the least.  We have not received an excessively long written post from Rebecca.  The Sabowl has not been in display of the champion’s home prominently.  We are off to another dismal start this season.  We have yet to hear from last season’s champion.  We have had little involvement in the “Locker Room”.  This is good…”WRONG!!!” What was once great, is no longer.

It is time to “Make Sabowl Great Again.”  It is up to us…the contestants, the competitors.  We need you in the “Locker Room.”  We need you ragging on each other.  We need you to laugh at Danny when he does his yearly “I quit. I’m done” speech.  We need you to start preparing Ellen for her eventual collapse from the top of the standings.  Seriously, we all know that will not last.  Has Georgia Tech lost their game yet Jonathan?  Christina has not been called out for being smug yet.  We have a newbie, “Izabowla”, who has not even been challenged.  What kind of adult can we expect her to be if we do not train her properly in this way.  If she ends up a dud, I am holding you all responsible.  Let’s go everyone, you can do this!  Am I missing something?  Has someone deleted 30,000 comments from the “Locker Room?”  This magnifies what the incredible event was built on.   This is still so much that I want to say so if I have not addressed you directly, I will work on that in the “Locker Room.”

We promise to post more regularly and keep the standing updated on a game by game basis.  If not, someone will be FIRED!  By the way, good job to the I-team for mentioning Russian hackers. has now been flagged and will be monitored. The Sabowl will have a hard time passing through security checks if it were to ever travel.  I am not too concerned about that.  I feel that one day the Sabowl will be running security in our nation.

Check the spreadsheet and standings throughout the games today.  I am not going to post the picks or the games because you are capable of doing that yourself.  Have a great Sabowl day.


  1. Mississippi State has a lot of work to do on this 2nd half.

  2. We are investigating a lead that 35,000 Sabowl posts were deleted from a secret server. We highly suspect the that this been done intentionally. More to come later. We most likely will not recommend charges.

  3. We have not zeroed in on a suspect but we do know that it is someone who is close to the Sabowl. The silence of the current champion is a cause of concern. We would expect to see a little more smugness out of him at the moment. We are looking at everyone though.

    Again I must stress that we are going to put a lot of effort into this investigation but will recommend that no charges be pressed.

  4. I quit!! I have not recovered from the point spread losses early in the season. Next year I’m talking withe the Russians about making some changes.

  5. I would like to point out that last year’s champion has been the primary poster in the Locker Room up to this point in the season.

  6. Also, solid post!


  7. Can we get some red make the SABOWL great again hats made for SABOWL store.

  8. Standing Updates

    Josh 11-4
    Ellen 10-5
    Amateur 9-6
    Rebecca 8-7
    Izabowla 8-7
    Jimmy 7-8
    Christina 7-8
    Michael 7-8
    Jonathan 6-9
    Danny/Julian 6-9
    Jim 5-10
    April 4-11
    Emily 3-12

  9. Game 3 for today has just started in case you wanted to check that out. ESPN2.

  10. If Boston College blows this and does not cover the spread, I will be with Danny and this spread. Brutal.

  11. BC won. I’m good with that loss. Better team won and those that pick the better team should win. I Should have never picked MD. MD sucks!!

  12. I have lost all respect for the sec today. Can I change all picks that I made for sec teams.

  13. Glad to be back in the locker room. Sadly I’m not currently in position to say those snarky things that have gotten me labeled as “smug” in the past. Good thing is that I have not quit like Danny…speaking of …should we be concerned that Danny and family are at a “college visit ” at NC state the same day they play in a bowl game?

  14. Standing Update at the end of 12/26:
    Josh 12-5
    Amateur 11-6
    Ellen 10-7
    Rebecca 10-7
    Izabowla 8-9
    Michael 8-9
    Stephen 8-9
    Jimmy 7-10
    Christina 7-10
    Danny/Julian 7-10
    Jim 7-10
    Jonathan 6-11
    April 4-13
    Emily 4-13

  15. 40 Comments…I’d say this has been a step toward making the SABOWL great again!

  16. Today is the day we turn things around.

    If not I am going to spend the next 330 days developing a new Sabometrics system that will not fail in Sabowl XII.

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